• Image of PRIMO! - AMICI LP (Upset The Rhythm)

Got a handful of copies of the EXCELLENT debut record from Primo! - highly reccomended!!

01: You've Got A Million
02: A City Stair
03: Future
04: Mirage
05: Closed Tomorrow
06: Disco Eyeballs
07: Bronte Blues
08: Ticking Off A List
09: Family Dinner Club
10: Daphne

PRIMO are Xanthe Waite, Violetta DelConte Race and Suzanne Walker. As a trio from Melbourne writing up-tempo, terse chorus and verse, Primo make use of two guitars, drums, sound effects and a group vocal sensibility to ornament their enquiries into deconstructed punk and indie rock. Their songs chime and charm, sounding at times bountiful, at others brittle, always buoyant with attention to detail.

Upset The Rhythm UTR109