ALL the hot n steamy Ausmuteants singles on one jam packed cassette -
plus even a couple extra unreleased ones. Features:

- "Ah ... What An Ugly Face Every Face Is" 7"
- "100 Ausmuteants Fans Can't Be Wrong ... 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can" 7"
- "Felix Tried To Kill Himself" 7"
- "Stale White Boys Playing Stale Black Music" 7"
- "Fed Through A Tube" 7"
- "The Secrets Of How Successful People Think" 7"
- Ausmuteants side of "Au | Hw" 7"
- Ausmuteants side of "No Friends (Maga)zine No. 1" flexi 7"

A1 Daylight Robbery
A2 Spit On The Cat
A3 Red Bellied Black Snake
A4 Bloody Rip Off
A5 All Talk
A6 Carbon Monoxide
A7 Ausmuteant
A8 Nothing Rhythmic
A9 Felix Tried To Kill Himself
A10 15 Frames Per Second
A11 Who's The Narc?
A12 Dying From The Inside Out
A13 Stomach Contents
B1 Fed Through A Tube
B2 Arguments
B3 Mates Rates
B4 Echo Beach
B5 Family Time
B6 Can't Explain
B7 Man Of Action
B8 Brownout Strangler
B9 I Wanna Sedate You
B10 Dump The Dumpers
B11 Drop Some Goo
B12 Plastic Bag
B13 When Ingested

European edition released on Gone With The Weed last year w/ alternate cover.

ANT - 035

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